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  • About Sufi Travels

Our mission statement is one of those elements that empowers us to grasp our goal. An ultimate goal of connecting a worldwide bridge that connects this whole world consisting of 195 countries.

transforms into stepping stones for those enthusiasts who have a broader inspiration to open up new worlds to themselves. That goal is achieved by providing air tickets with an extensive choice of international airlines making it easy to bring you a step closer to the desires of a traveller.

Based on the principal that time has always been revolutionary for this world. It has played a key role in aviation too. We focus and aim on bringing all those wide options down, later filtering them and then providing it to our passengers so that its a perfect fit for each passenger's preference.

Sufi travel and tours contributes to the civil aviation in a way that a consumer of travelling is presented accordingly to various demands, whether it be a cheaper price, routings, multi-destination, family vacations, business trips etc. Routes are moulded, the segments are collaborated to suit our passenger. Airlines Combinations are merged, a bridge between the airline and the passenger is established through us. We welcome all the challenges regarding aviation with joy.

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