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Cheap airline tickets to Banjul

When will be the best time to reserve a flight to Banjul?

Gambia contains a sub-tropical climate with distinct dry and rainy seasons. several guests realize that the perfect time to book their flights to Banjul is throughout the dry winter months, once the weather is pleasantly heat. Travel throughout November and December to form the foremost of the great weather, and to avoid the upper humidness of January could. Flights throughout these months, however, may be costlier than at off peak times. you'll conjointly visit throughout one amongst Gambia's festivals to ascertain town in joyous mode. could could be a nice time to book flights to port as this is often once vocalist day is well known annually, and is typically amid music, food, and performing arts.
The heat never extremely dies down in Banjul therefore regardless of after you set up your trip you're sure to be in heat conditions all year spherical. However, if you're on a budget, strive looking for low cost flights to port throughout the shoulder months of January to April or September to October, and once town experiences less business enterprise and sees the crowds decrease.

Banjul overview

Banjul is that the capital of The Gambia, and its most thickly settled town. it's conjointly the place wherever the gorgeous African country watercourse meets the Atlantic. As such, this town has such a lot of various things to supply the holidaymaker, from active markets to scenic coastal regions and peaceful watercourse cruises. Banjul is additionally home to some gorgeous national parks. Bijilo Forest Park could be a excellent place to wander through some native geographic area, while The Gambia watercourse parkland could be a wizard attraction, located on a collection of islands. Visit the Abuko Nature Reserve if you wish to fancy a family friendly outing, meeting a number of the various colorful birds and animals that square measure native to the current region of Africa. one in all the key landmarks within the town is Arch 22'. Arch twenty two could be a depository, however one in all the most reasons that it's therefore common is that it conjointly offers very good views over town from its roof (which is reached by little stairway). Another good thing to visualize once you visit town is Banjul market, that is right if you wish to bring home some authentic souvenirs.

Getting around Banjul

Banjul is found on the Trans-West African Coastal route, thus driving within reason straightforward. The road network remains below construction here, though, thus you'll expect the city's transport links to alternative components of the Gambia to induce higher within the future moreover. you'll additionally rent native taxis to require you where you wish to travel. Another common thanks to travel in Banjul is by ferry. There area unit each ferries on the market to require you on visits to Barra on the stream African nation, and specialist pleasure craft tour operators. The latter mix an incredible chance for looking with a comparatively fast thanks to get from A to B.

Getting from the Airport to the City

Flights to Banjul land at the Banjul International field (BJL) and is just a brief drive from the city center, and therefore the best choice is perhaps to rent a automobile or to require a neighborhood taxi. haggle with the driving force is absolutely acceptable. you may even be able to book a shuttle from the field to your edifice, therefore make certain to visualize.

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